Wednesday, June 17, 2015

App Idea - Conversation Tracker [UPDATE]

I finally found something that satisfies pretty much all of my requirements: Momento

This app is a diary app that allows you to add different types of tags: Contacts, Events, Location and Custom Categories. It actually works quite well. Let's look at my original requirements list:
The app should allow me to:

  • easily document a quick snippet of info: it could be just some text, it could be a link to an article, an image or video (but mostly text or a link)
    • It does this quite well. It supports adding text and images but not video.
  • create a contact list that can pull selected contacts from your Contacts App or Facebook (all that is needed is the first and last name, maybe a notes field, optional photo, and perhaps a link to the actual contact in the Contacts app.
    • This app allows you to reference Contacts in the Contacts App but it only pulls in and stores the name which is all I need.
    • You can also type in a name if it doesn't exist in your Contacts App.
  • link as many contacts as you want to the note. These are the people I have shared the story with.
    • You can add as many contacts to each note as you want.
  • contacts should be searchable and easy to add if missing.
    • Once you have used a Contact once, it will appear as an option at the top of the list as you type the name.
  • create a category list (allowing for a tree structure in case you want more flexibility in filtering.)
    • This app supports custom tags so you can use this as the category. Since the app separates the different types of tags, there is no need for a hierarchical structure.
  • link as many categories as you want to the note.
    • This is possible.
  • categories should be searchable and easy to add if missing.
    • Once you have used a tag once, it will appear as an option at the top of the list as you type the name of the category.
    • You can type in a name if it doesn't already exist without having to exit the note.
  • display notes based on contact or category with filters to break down search results.
    • You can display notes based on contacts, events, location, custom tags, rating and articles with photos.
    • You can also search for content within notes.
  • share stories with Twitter, Facebook, Email, etc... without revealing the contacts and categories used.
    • This app allows you to share stories if you wish. I'm not sure if it reveals tags.
  • access this data without having to log into a service. All data should be stored locally within the app.
    • All data is stored on the phone, not in the cloud.
    • One drawback is that you have to use iTunes if you want to backup the data. It is still in development so hopefully they add this feature.
It also supports URL schemes which is another thing I mentioned in my original article. I've already created an action in Launch Center Pro to take the link I have on the clipboard, ask me to provide a description and it will create a note in Momento. I also have a basic one for adding a note without copying from the clipboard.


I've been trying it out for about a week now.
I note down an idea, tag the people I've mentioned it to, add categories and tag an event if I want to bring it up there.
Of course it only works if I actually use it consistently. We'll see how it goes but so far so good.